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Review: “Artists and Models”

Three Stars: Leo Townsend, Modern Screen, November 1937

Poster - Artists and Models (1937)_01.jpeg

“A mélange of gags, girls and music, “Artists and Models” is good entertainment because it is fast and funny and because it gives Jack Benny his first real opportunity in pictures. The smooth-talking Mr. Benny delivers a fine job in the top comedy role, so good that when his isn’t on the screen the pace seems to slacken considerably.

Paramount has gathered a large cast to support radio’s Number One boy. In the leads are Richard Arlen, Ida Lupino and Gail Patrick. Mr. Benny wins Gail Patrick, which is better than most comics are doing these days. Among the added entertainers are Andre Kostelanetz and his orchestra, with Connie Boswell doing a swell vocal on “Whispers in the Dark, ” Ben Blue and Judy Canova, the Yacht Club Boys, and Martha Raye with Louis Armstrong in a Harlem setting singing “Public Melody Number One.” It’s Martha Raye in blackface, in case you want to know. In addition, the cast contains six well-known artists – Russell Patterson, Peter Arno, Arthur Williams Brown, John LaGatta, McClelland Barclay, and Rube Goldberg, portraying the six well-known artists.

“Artists and Models” isn’t the world’s best musical, but it can certainly be recommended for an evenings entertainment. Directed by Raoul Walsh – Paramount